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Vision Insurance

Vision insurance helps cover the cost of many kinds of vision care, including eye exams and glasses. Vision insurance is especially important for people who have a family history of eye disease, as it can help cover the cost of early detection and treatment.

Things to consider with vision insurance…

If you’re looking for coverage that helps the cost of eyeglasses, frames, lenses, and contacts we’re here to help!

Details on Vision Insurance

There are many different types of vision insurance plans, but most plans have some basic features in common. For example, most plans will cover the cost of an annual eye exam and may also provide a discount on glasses or contact lenses. Some plans also cover the cost of vision correction surgery, such as LASIK.
Vision insurance can be purchased as a standalone policy or as an add-on to a health insurance plan. Many employers also offer vision insurance as part of their employee benefits package.

In addition, vision insurance can help save you money on routine eye care and screenings. This is because most plans will offer some sort of discount on these services when you use an in-network provider.
If you have vision insurance, be sure to check your plan details to see what is covered. For example, some plans may have a copay for office visits while others may cover the full cost. And, if you need glasses or contact lenses, be sure to find out if there is a limit on how much your plan will cover.

Assistance with Vision Insurance

Our team is standing by to assist you in making the most of your vision insurance policy. We can help you determine which options are best suited to the needs of you and your family, and we can reach out to multiple carriers to help find the lowest premiums on your coverage.

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Vision Insurance

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