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Samantha Price KRS Medicare Advisor

Samantha Price

My dedication to community involvement and staying socially engaged is complemented by my close-knit family, which includes my siblings and our role in caring for my mother, who bravely confronted a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis at the young age of 30, while also overcoming a brain aneurysm and tumor. These personal experiences have instilled in me a profound understanding of the critical importance of comprehensive insurance coverage and the invaluable security it provides in the face of life’s unpredictable challenges. My passion lies in genuinely empathizing with my clients’ needs and the delicate art of navigating the complexities of life’s unexpected hurdles with grace and assurance.
Personal Philosophy: I am dedicated to building enduring customer relationships and assisting clients in achieving what is directly in their best interest. I prioritize a customer centric approach, emphasizing trust, integrity, and transparency at the core of my client relationships. My commitment is to deliver tangible value to clients, adapt to changing landscapes, and educate to empower. Balancing profit with purpose, I aim to create a positive impact on clients’ lives in all core areas of retirement planning while upholding the highest ethical standards, ensuring mutual success and well-being.

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