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Toys for Tots is a great charity that gives kids a new toy every holiday season, and we’re excited to work with them.

Toys for Tots - A KRS Agents of Change Initiative

🔑 Take Action To Make a Difference: We’ll donate $10 to Toys for Tots for every friend or family member you send our way for a free, no-obligation insurance quote. This donation will help make sure that every child can enjoy the fun and happiness of getting a new toy for the holidays.

Why It Matters:

  • Spreading Happiness: Your referral helps bring joy to kids who need it the most.
  • Community Service: Ask the people around you to contribute to making the holidays better for kids in our area.
  • Simple but powerful: You can make a child remember something for a long time with just one small step.

✅ Consider the people you know who might like to save money on their insurance and also help make the holidays special for a child. Get them to get a quote from us by telling them about your experience. You can make a big difference with this small change.

As Agents of Change, let’s make sure that no child this holiday season goes without a gift. Thank you for your help and excitement in joining us on this heartfelt mission.

We appreciate you making a difference in our community.


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