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Cindy Hoppe

Personal Background:
● I’ve lived in Arizona since 2018
● Married into a family with 8 children 3 daughters (mine) and 5 sons
(husbands). Have 1 grandson and 2 granddaughters.(Kinship of 1

Professional Background:
● Licensed in the following state(s) AZ, CA, WY, UT, IA, ND, TN, OH, TX, MI,
● Been in the insurance industry since 2014
● Previous work experience includes: Office Management/Manager for small
businesses working in the field as well as in the office for mainly oil & gas
companies for several years and worked in the Medical field for a long

Personal Business Philosophy:
My passion lies in educating and empowering others to achieve financial stability
and peace of mind. Whether they are approaching retirement or already retired, I
am committed to standing by their side and providing the guidance they need to
succeed on their financial journey. I value honesty, integrity, and excellence in my
work, and I strive to provide the best service possible.



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