Elsa Rodriguez

Cindy Hoppe

Personal Background
● I’ve lived in Arizona since 2018
● Married into a family with 8 children 3 daughters (mine) and 5 sons
(husbands). Have 1 grandson and 2 granddaughters.(Kinship of 1

Professional Background
● Licensed in the following state(s) AZ, CA, WY, UT, IA, ND, TN, OH, TX, MI,
● Been in the insurance industry since 2014
● Previous work experience includes: Office Management/Manager for small
businesses working in the field as well as in the office for mainly oil & gas
companies for several years and worked in the Medical field for a long

Personal Business Philosophy
My passion lies in educating and empowering others to achieve financial stability
and peace of mind. Whether they are approaching retirement or already retired, I
am committed to standing by their side and providing the guidance they need to
succeed on their financial journey. I value honesty, integrity, and excellence in my
work, and I strive to provide the best service possible.

Kaitlyn Woodman

I grew up in a small East Texas town called Marshall, Texas. The rodeo lifestyle was instilled into me at a young age as my entire family has a rodeo background and I spent most of my childhood at Martha and RE Josey’s ranch just down the road from my house. Being that I am an only child my horses and my animals were my best friends growing up, if I wasn’t riding horses you could probably find me in the lamb and goat barn. I was heavily involved in my school’s Ag program which sparked my love for agriculture and that love only continues to grow in my adult years. I am now located in the heart of horse country, Weatherford, Tx and I have fallen in love with the community and its surrounding areas. I am currently a student at Sul Ross State University where I am working towards a degree in Agricultural Systems and a teaching certification to teach agriculture science classes. I have a passion for educating people about things I love and I couldn’t think of a better way to utilize that passion. 

What I am most passionate about is the barrel horse industry and I am constantly looking for new ways to expand my knowledge within the industry. I have competed in the youth, high school, collegiate, amateur and professional level of rodeo and in the last year I have gotten into the futurity and derby horse side of things. You can usually find me at a rodeo or a barrel race, and if I’m not there I am probably getting ready for one! 

I believe that my love for the western and agricultural industry as a whole is what drove me to want to be an equine insurance agent. My goal is to educate people on the importance of protecting their beloved equine athletes to ensure that no one ever has to be left in a position to make those really hard decisions. I care deeply for my clients and want to know each and every one on a personal level so that I can be a better asset to their program. I am excited to get to educate and most importantly PROTECT what is most important to you! 

Xzabko Scott

Xzabko Scott is beyond his years in understanding the insurance industry, and has been structuring a cohesive policy planning for individual clients needs with an emphasis on long-term relationship building as well as excellent customer service. He has worked for Bankers Life and Casualty Company an A rated company and has been named Speedy New Agent & Productive Agent. He has advanced quickly in the industry exceeding sales expectations and maintaining excellent customer satisfaction ratings. Xzabko attended DeVry University studying Business Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship in 2010. Leverage his business and sales knowledge as well as his interest in the healthcare field. In this position, he helped to not only sell policies, provide information on claims, and explain different features of insurance plans. He also met with clients annually to determine if their insurance needs were being met, or if other plans would be more suitable. Xzabko is recently studying to obtain his Securities License to further serve his clients with Retirement and Financial Planning knowledge in order to maintain and or establish a greater standard of living for the family’s he helps.


Jose Bravo

Personal Background

I’ve lived in Florida and Massachusetts as well as in  Sao Paulo in Brasil and Bogota in  Colombia

I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese

Professional Background

Licensed in FL, MA and CA since 2007

Education: Civil Engineer

Personal business philosophy

To always look for the best interests of my clients.

Community work

I’ve dedicated much time in the last two decades to the revindication of rights of immigrants, participating actively in their ordeal as newcomers to our great country.


Adam Breinholt

Professional Background:
– Current student at Arizona State University studying business financial planning, set to graduate in May 2024
– Previously worked as a project manager at an accountancy and financial planning firm
– Licensed in Arizona
Personal Background:
– Born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona
– Married my wife, Chloe, back in October of 2022
– I love to go boating and play card games
Personal Business Philosophy:
I believe in placing my client’s needs and well-being at the forefront of what I do. I am committed to providing exceptional service and support to ensure my clients make informed decisions that best suit their healthcare needs.

Russell Ferris

I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Ionia, MI. I had four younger brothers; we lost my middle brother
when he was 15 yrs. old. I attended college to have some retirement. I taught alternative ed high
school science for nearly 15 years, then went to the regular high school and taught another couple
of years there. I left education for a while and worked in factories, usually as QA for food companies. I
missed the kids and took a teaching position for Pine Crest in Henderson. I then transferred to Robison
middle school for a year when my mother and brother requested me to return and help them on
the farm. I was there for two years before coming back to Las Vegas, where I took a position with an insurance
company helping people transition into retirement. I also would help younger people start planning for
their retirement.

Haylee Moulton

Haylee grew up on a potato farm in Southeast Idaho with her dad and two older brothers. She and her husband enjoy raising and training barrel racing and tie-down roping horses and have competed in high school, collegiate, and professional rodeo. They also produce tie-down and breakaway jackpots that pull in both local and national talent. The connections made during their rodeo experiences have spanned many states and made life-long relationships.

Haylee is a Registered Nurse. She is passionate about caring for her patients and understands the intricacies of the medical world. Channeling her love of horses into patient care, she has seamlessly transitioned between both worlds and found ways to connect them.

Haylee is now aligning her intelligence and energy into the equine insurance industry. Having been on both sides of losing beloved high-performance horses, she can empathize with other owners. Haylee explains, “Being involved in the equine insurance industry has been a goal and dream of mine for years. I’m excited for the opportunity to serve you and your equine partners.”

Carrie Fitzgerald

Carrie Fitzgerald is a licensed insurance broker based in AZ with over 3 years of experience in the insurance industry. She has a passion for helping people with their retirement planning and is dedicated to providing her clients with the right coverage to protect their financial well-being. Carrie has a proven track record of success in the insurance industry, and she is committed to building long-term relationships with her clients. She was also a trainer responsible for bringing new agents into the industry, which has given her a unique perspective on the importance of education and professional development in the insurance industry.

Diana Paris

Diana Paris has joined our team as an insurance professional here in Las Vegas Nevada. A local of 20 years. It’s a natural step for her to help others secure their future. Her parents instilled in her at a young age the importance of helping and caring for family and their community. Her father a medical doctor, her mother, a natural caregiver to her family and friends. She understands the needs of her community ” I am so excited about becoming a certified partner. It is such a joy to see the smiles and the burdens lifted off the shoulders of my clients. For me, everyday is a treasure hunt seeking out innovative solutions for my client’s needs”