Medicare Overview

Medicare is a multi-faceted program, with distinct parts addressing your various healthcare needs. At its core, it’s a triad: Part A covers hospital care, Part B pertains to medical coverage such as doctor visits, and Part D manages your prescription coverage. It seems straightforward, but the reality is a complex maze we at Key Retirement Solutions are here to help you navigate.


If you or your spouse have a record of working and paying taxes for 40 quarters (10 years), your Part A coverage usually has no charge. Still, a considerable deductible is applicable each time you’re hospitalized – a cost you might bear up to 5 times a year.


Part B, on the other hand, levies a fee taken directly from your social security check each month, determined by your income from the past two years. For 2022, the starting monthly fee is $170.10, with an annual deductible of $233 and an 80/20 cost split (wherein you’re responsible for the 20%, with no cap on the maximum amount). It can be a challenging cost to manage, but don’t fret; we’re here to ease your burden.


At Key Retirement Solutions, we offer tailored, affordable supplement plans to cover your “20% portion”, providing relief from the uncapped costs of Part B. We aim to create a simple, cost-effective solution tailored to your budget, offering benefits that often surpass your existing work coverage.


Part D, the prescription component, is crafted uniquely for each client based on their specific medication requirements, reviewed annually with our dedicated customer service agent.


Then, there’s Part C, the mysterious element of Medicare often mentioned but rarely understood. Part C is essentially private insurance as part of Medicare. Most Part C plans (also known as Medicare Advantage plans) don’t require an added premium and even include the prescription plan! The Part B premium you pay goes directly to the private insurance company we help you select, allowing Medicare to step aside as you deal directly with your chosen company. A thrilling option, wouldn’t you agree?


However, bear in mind that Part C may require copays when you visit doctors or hospitals. But worry not; we have strategies to help offset these costs. While you may encounter a higher Maximum Out of Pocket (MOOP) expenditure, depending on your unique situation, this could still be your best choice.


At Key Retirement Solutions, we’re more than insurance providers; we’re experts, companions, and guides, forging relationships rooted in our core values of accountability, service, integrity, and compassion. We’re here to ensure your retirement journey is not only safe and secure, but also joyous and fulfilling. With our wealth of experience and access to a wide range of insurance companies, we can customize solutions that perfectly suit your needs.


With more than 6,000 clients whom we’ve successfully assisted with Medicare and retirement, we invite you to become part of our family. Schedule a consultation with us today, and let’s ensure you’re on the plan that is indeed the best fit for you. After all, your secure retirement is our key objective.

Decoding the Nursing Home Journey: Your Questions Answered with Authority

Deciding to transition into a nursing home is a significant life event, packed with numerous questions and considerations. At Key Retirement Solutions, we acknowledge the magnitude of this decision, and we’re here to illuminate your path. Read on as we unravel the most commonly asked nursing home questions, dispelling your doubts and concerns.

Your Nursing Home Queries: Dissected and Addressed

Let’s dive into the frequent questions that surface when contemplating a nursing home:

  1. The Safety Quotient: How Safe Is a Nursing Home?


Despite occasional negative portrayals in media, nursing homes remain secure havens, emphasizing the safety and comfort of their residents. Always feel free to ask for a facility’s safety policies and protocols during your evaluation. A truly trustworthy nursing home will be more than willing to put your fears to rest by sharing these details.


  1. Determining Care Levels: How Do Nursing Homes Evaluate a Resident’s Needs?


Before admission, nursing homes conduct an exhaustive intake evaluation to gauge the resident’s required care level. The evaluation encompasses reviewing medical histories, discussing with residents and their families, and conducting an in-person examination. All these factors help to sculpt a comprehensive care plan, tailored specifically for each resident.


  1. The Financial Side: Does Medicare Cover Nursing Home Costs?


Understandably, finance is a prominent concern. However, it’s crucial to note that Original Medicare typically does not shoulder nursing home expenses. Some Medicare Advantage plans may offer partial coverage. Simultaneously, most nursing homes accept state-sponsored MEDICAID, which, when coupled with Medicare Part D, can significantly offset the nursing home expenses for MEDICAID recipients.

  1. Love’s Resilience: Can Married Couples Share a Room in a Nursing Home?


Absolutely! Many nursing homes house accommodations specifically crafted for couples, understanding that moving into a nursing home is already a considerable shift. Separating life-long partners would only heighten the stress. We, at Key Retirement Solutions, can even arrange a facility tour to help you visualize and connect with your future living situation.


  1. Fostering Connections: How Do Nursing Homes Manage Visits from Loved Ones?


Nursing homes encourage visits from family and friends, recognizing their crucial role in maintaining the residents’ mental well-being. Although specific visiting hours and visitor restrictions may be in place, most facilities are relatively flexible. Amid the pandemic, it’s wise to maintain open communication with the Resident Directors to navigate any temporary changes smoothly.

  1. Personalizing Spaces: Can Residents Bring Personal Items to a Nursing Home?


Certainly! To help residents feel more at home, many nursing homes allow personal items like photographs, books, artwork, or even small furniture pieces. These familiar elements can significantly enhance comfort, turning a new space into a warm, welcoming home.


Unsure? We’re Here to Help


If you need more clarification or have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Key Retirement Solutions. Our seasoned experts are ready to guide you through your nursing home journey with unrivaled knowledge and empathy. We’re here to ensure your peace of mind at every step.

Decoding Life Insurance: Avoid Common Mistakes and Secure Your Future

We all strive to provide the best for our families and their future. Yet, some of us unintentionally
fall into pitfalls when purchasing a life insurance policy. The silver lining here is that we, at Key
Retirement Solutions, are proficient insurance experts equipped to navigate you and your loved
ones through the complex labyrinth of life insurance procurement.
Understanding Life Insurance: Avoid these Common Mistakes
As your trusted insurance guide, we strive to help you sidestep the common errors that can
prevent you from obtaining the most suitable coverage. These mistakes can range from
delaying the purchase, not shopping around, to incorrectly selecting the policy type or benefit


1. Procrastination: The Perils of Buying Life Insurance Late
The concept of life insurance often elicits unease, leading many to delay or avoid it altogether.
However, the cruel irony is that postponing this essential part of financial planning may either
price you out of purchasing a policy later in life or cost you significantly more. Young, healthy
individuals get the best deals on life insurance. Therefore, it’s vital to incorporate this component
into your financial blueprint sooner rather than later.

2. Impulsivity: The Trap of Buying the First Policy
In the absence of a knowledgeable agent, individuals often end up buying the first policy they
encounter, regardless of its suitability. At Key Retirement Solutions, we ensure you get the best
rate by comparing offerings from various life insurance companies. In a market teeming with
competition, it pays to compare rates to land the lowest, most appropriate one.

3. Misjudgment: The Dilemma of Selecting the Wrong Policy or Benefit Amount
Determining the ideal coverage and policy type is often a complex task. This is where our
expertise comes into play. We aid you in understanding the pros and cons of term or permanent
life insurance and calculating the benefits of each policy. Remember, every client’s needs are
unique, which calls for a tailored approach to insurance planning.

4. Forgetfulness: The Consequence of Ignoring Policy Updates
Life insurance can be a disconcerting subject, prompting many to forget about it post-purchase.
However, this is a mistake. Your beneficiaries must know the policy details and have the
information readily available. Review your life insurance coverage regularly, particularly during
significant life events, to ensure your policy remains in sync with your evolving needs.

5. Misidentification: The Trouble of Naming the Wrong Beneficiary
This is a common oversight we help clients rectify. For instance, if you wish to name minor
children as beneficiaries, you’ll need a trustee until they reach legal age. Naming your estate as
a beneficiary could lead to unnecessary complications, with the proceeds potentially falling into
creditors’ hands. Keep your agent informed about any changes so they can update your
beneficiary details accordingly.

Need More Information?
Understanding life insurance can be daunting. That’s why we’re here. Contact Key Retirement
Solutions today and let our experts answer all your questions. Remember, your peace of mind is
our priority, and we’ll stop at nothing to ensure your golden years are secure and stress-free.

Avoiding the IRMAA Trap and Navigating Form L-564 with Key Retirement Solutions

Welcome to the age of secure retirements! With over 60 years of seasoned expertise, Key Retirement Solutions is your trustworthy companion, crafting unique insurance strategies for a safe and joyful retirement.

Remember, your retirement journey is distinctively yours, and it demands meticulous planning and execution to ensure a rewarding experience. Two critical elements often overlooked are the potential penalties of Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts (IRMAA) and the necessity of Form L-564. Let’s delve deeper into how these can impact your golden years and how Key Retirement Solutions can help you navigate them.

Decoding IRMAA Penalties

IRMAA refers to an extra charge added to your Medicare Part B and Medicare prescription drug coverage premiums if your income exceeds a certain limit. This additional cost can subtly escalate, causing financial strain if not carefully managed.

At Key Retirement Solutions, we help you sidestep the IRMAA trap. Our personalized strategies ensure that your income is effectively structured to minimize, and possibly avoid, IRMAA penalties. We take pride in our firm grasp on these intricate details, allowing us to serve our clients with solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Unraveling the Mystery of Form L-564

Form L-564 is a request for employment information that Social Security may require when you apply for Medicare. This form, when filled incorrectly, can lead to delays or complications in your application process.

Our team at Key Retirement Solutions eases this process for you. With our extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of Medicare policies, we guide you in filling out Form L-564 accurately, ensuring a seamless application process.

Expertise, Integrity, and Compassion: Our Pillars

With access to over 150 insurance companies and serving clients across all 50 states, we remain committed to our core values: Accountability, Service, Integrity, Collaboration, Support, Family, and Compassion.

As experts in the senior health and life insurance market, our goal is to make a tangible difference in people’s lives. We believe in forging lifelong relationships with our clients, treating each one as a part of our extended family.

Key Retirement Solutions: Your Shield Against Complexities

Nurturing over 6,000 client relationships, we know the insurance landscape can seem complex and daunting. But with us, you’re not alone. We are your shield against the complexities, your guide through the intricacies, and your key to a secure retirement.

Key Retirement Solutions doesn’t just offer insurance; we provide peace of mind. Trust us to help you avoid IRMAA penalties, navigate Form L-564, and secure your golden years. Together, we can ensure that your retirement is as vibrant, fulfilling, and secure as you have always envisioned. After all, we are ‘Your Key to a Secure Retirement’.


Hospital Indemnity Insurance: Bridging the Medicare Gaps

While medical insurance often acts as the first line of defense in health-related financial matters, it doesn’t always cover everything. Unfortunately, many of our clients at Key Retirement Solutions, upon enrolling in Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans (MAPDs), realize there still are some gaping holes. Notably, the copayments and coinsurances that can rapidly add up during an unexpected hospital stay. This is where hospital indemnity insurance comes into play, acting as a safety net to fill these Medicare gaps.

Understanding Medicare Gaps: The Unseen Costs

Original Medicare provides a sturdy foundation for your healthcare needs during retirement. However, it doesn’t cover everything. Between the copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles, you could still face substantial out-of-pocket costs. Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans (MAPDs) can help mitigate these costs, but gaps remain.

These gaps become glaringly apparent during a hospital stay. With costs that can escalate rapidly each day, you might find your savings dwindling faster than you’d like.

The Role of Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Hospital indemnity insurance acts as a safety net, helping to fill these Medicare gaps. It provides a fixed benefit amount for each day you spend in the hospital, regardless of the costs incurred. These payouts can help cover your MAPD copayments and coinsurances, relieving financial stress and allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your recovery.

Key Retirement Solutions: Helping You Fill the Gaps

At Key Retirement Solutions, we understand that every individual’s healthcare needs and financial situations are unique. Our team is dedicated to finding the right coverage for you – a plan that not only meets your healthcare needs but also fits your budget. We work with over 150 insurance companies and leverage our 60 years of combined experience to personalize strategies for each client.

Why Choose Key Retirement Solutions?

Our mission is more than just providing insurance solutions. We seek to forge lifelong relationships with our clients, guided by our core values of accountability, service, integrity, and compassion. When you choose us, you’re choosing a team that is committed to protecting your health and wealth throughout your retirement journey.

With hospital indemnity insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re covered during an unforeseen hospital stay. These plans, when combined with your Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans, offer comprehensive coverage that protects you from the unexpected, helping to ensure your golden years are as worry-free as possible.

At Key Retirement Solutions, we’re here to help guide you through these decisions, providing you with the knowledge and resources to make informed choices about your healthcare coverage. We believe that understanding your insurance options is the key to a secure retirement.

Ready to learn more about how hospital indemnity insurance can help bridge your Medicare gaps? Contact us today. Let’s work together to unlock your key to a secure retirement.


Unraveling the LTC Dilemma: Secure Your Golden Years with Key Retirement Solutions

In the bustling landscape of life insurance, there’s a looming concern that haunts the twilight years of our beloved seniors – Long-Term Care (LTC). As the primary catalyst of bankruptcy among seniors, LTC costs can shatter dreams of a serene and secure retirement. But fret not! At Key Retirement Solutions, we transform these fears into assurance, weaving a safety net around your retirement plans.

The Key Retirement Solutions Advantage

With six decades of insurance experience under our belt, we are not just insurance providers – we’re the architects of your worry-free retirement. Our foundation is built upon education and understanding, serving over 6,000 clients across all 50 states, with unwavering accountability and integrity.

From a vast pool of over 150 insurance companies, we handpick the best strategies, personalized to meet the unique requirements of each client.

As a local one-stop-shop for all your insurance needs, we blend experience, expertise, and empathy into a formula that safeguards your golden years from the unforeseen expenses of LTC.

Where Values Meet Vision

At Key Retirement Solutions, our compass is guided by a constellation of core values: Accountability, Service, Integrity, Collaboration, Support, Family, and Compassion. These values shape our vision, giving us the foresight to navigate through the turbulent waters of the insurance market.

Every client is family, and every solution, a commitment to service. We collaborate to craft the most effective strategies, with steadfast integrity and genuine compassion. We stand by our solutions, holding ourselves accountable for securing your future.

Bridging the LTC Gap

The prevalent threat of LTC costs derailing retirement plans is a challenge that we tackle head-on. We meticulously design our insurance solutions to help you wade through the LTC dilemma. Your golden years are too precious to be shadowed by financial worries.

Our expertise in the senior health and life insurance market empowers us to build a bridge over the LTC gap, ushering you into a secure retirement. We don’t merely offer insurance; we provide the key to a secure, safe, and joyful retirement.

Key Retirement Solutions: Your Safe Harbor

Key Retirement Solutions is more than a name. It is a promise, a pledge to turn the tides on LTC-induced bankruptcy. Your Key to a Secure Retirement isn’t just a tagline; it’s a commitment etched in every policy we provide, every solution we craft, and every relationship we nurture.

With us, you’re not just securing your retirement; you’re unlocking peace of mind. Say goodbye to the apprehensions of LTC costs and step into your golden years with the assurance of Key Retirement Solutions. We hold the key to your secure and fulfilling retirement.

Let us be your safe harbor in the storm of uncertainty. Together, we’ll ensure your retirement is everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

Unlocking Medicare: Making the Most of Your First Eligibility with Key Retirement Solutions

Embarking on the journey of retirement often brings with it a maze of decisions and choices. Among these, selecting your Medicare plan when you first become eligible is a crucial turning point. But worry not – at Key Retirement Solutions, we are your compass, guiding you smoothly through the Medicare maze.

Deciphering Your First Medicare Eligibility

The clock starts ticking on your Medicare enrollment three months before your 65th birthday. This period is a golden opportunity – your first eligibility – to make wise Medicare choices that can shape the rest of your retirement.

At Key Retirement Solutions, we understand the gravity of this moment. Our team of experts, with their deep-rooted knowledge and over 60 years of insurance experience, provides tailored strategies to make the most of your initial Medicare enrollment period.

Personalized Medicare Strategies: Key to a Secure Retirement

Navigating the waters of Medicare during your first eligibility can seem daunting. There are numerous plans, each with its intricacies and benefits. Our strength lies in our personalized approach, backed by access to over 150 insurance companies.

We craft strategies that align with your health needs and financial comfort, ensuring that your Medicare decisions today pave the way for a secure and joyful retirement tomorrow.

Serving with Accountability, Compassion, and Integrity

We are more than insurance providers; we are the bridge to a fulfilling retirement journey. Our core values of accountability, service, integrity, collaboration, support, family, and compassion resonate in every consultation, every plan, and every interaction.

Our commitment to these values has helped us forge lifelong relationships with our clients, serving over 6,000 of them with their Medicare or retirement needs.

Key Retirement Solutions: Your Medicare Navigator

Being first eligible for Medicare is a significant milestone in your retirement journey. It’s a phase that demands careful decisions, and that’s where we come in. We don’t merely offer insurance; we offer peace of mind, guiding you through the Medicare maze to secure your golden years.

At Key Retirement Solutions, we believe that the key to a secure retirement is making informed, personalized Medicare decisions. We are proud to serve all 50 states, assisting seniors in unlocking the best Medicare plans during their first eligibility.

Your journey to a secure retirement begins with the right Medicare decisions. With Key Retirement Solutions, make these decisions with confidence and look forward to a rewarding, worry-free retirement. Remember, we are ‘Your Key to a Secure Retirement’.

Guarding Against Uncertainty: The Importance of Critical Illness Insurance

Life is a wonderful, albeit unpredictable journey, often presenting us with challenges that test our resilience. At Key Retirement Solutions, we strive to ensure you are financially prepared to handle such hurdles, particularly those concerning health.

Understanding the Need for Critical Illness Insurance

Cancer, heart attacks, and strokes — these words, laden with fear, are more common today than ever before. With advancements in medical technology, survival rates have significantly improved, which is heartening news. However, the high costs of treatment for these critical illnesses can place immense financial strain on individuals and their families.

Enter critical illness insurance, a lifeline designed to provide financial security during these challenging times.

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance is a policy designed to offer financial support in the wake of a severe health crisis. It provides a lump-sum benefit if you are diagnosed with one of the covered illnesses, which often include cancer, heart attack, and stroke. This benefit can be used as you see fit, whether for medical bills, household expenses, or even a much-needed family vacation.

Why Choose Key Retirement Solutions?

At Key Retirement Solutions, we understand that each person’s journey is unique. That’s why we take the time to understand your needs and circumstances to provide personalized strategies for you and your family. Our extensive access to over 150 insurance companies allows us to tailor the ideal coverage for your peace of mind.

We’re more than insurance providers—we are your trusted partners in navigating the often complex world of insurance. Our core values of accountability, service, integrity, compassion, and support underline everything we do.

Our team, with over 60 years of combined insurance experience, has helped over 6000 clients navigate the intricacies of medicare or retirement. As experts in the senior health and life insurance market, we’re ready to extend our expertise to guide you through the process of securing critical illness insurance.

Securing Your Future with Critical Illness Insurance

The journey of life may be unpredictable, but your financial stability shouldn’t be. With a critical illness insurance policy from Key Retirement Solutions, you can rest assured that you’re prepared for whatever life throws at you.

Cancer, heart attack, or stroke, while daunting, will not catch you off-guard. Let us help secure your family’s financial future, giving you one less thing to worry about during a challenging time.

Remember, Key Retirement Solutions is not just about providing insurance—it’s about building lifelong relationships. We’re here to offer support when you need it most. Our tagline, ‘Your Key to a Secure Retirement,’ captures our commitment to you and your family’s future.

Embrace the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re prepared for life’s uncertainties. Secure your critical illness insurance policy today and unlock the key to a confident future with Key Retirement Solutions.


Beyond Medicare: Why Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance Matter

As the owner of Key Retirement Solutions, I have countless discussions about various aspects of insurance with my clients. However, one question often elicits similar responses, “What are you doing for dental insurance?” The answers, typically, fall into two categories: “I have some, but it stinks,” or, “I’ve been meaning to get some.”

Let’s dive into why dental, vision, and hearing insurance are vital components of your health coverage and why original Medicare may not be enough.

Medicare’s Limitations: The Unseen Gap

It’s a common misconception that original Medicare covers all aspects of health. While it undoubtedly provides robust support, it falls short in some key areas. Most notably, it doesn’t cover dental, vision, and hearing care – three essential elements of your overall health and well-being.

The cost of dental procedures, regular eye check-ups, glasses, hearing aids can accumulate and pose significant financial strain. This is where additional insurance can play a crucial role.

Unlocking Comprehensive Health Coverage: Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance

Dental, vision, and hearing insurance fills the gap left by Medicare. It offers coverage for routine check-ups, necessary procedures, and even the costs of eyewear or hearing aids. This makes it a must-have in your insurance portfolio.

At Key Retirement Solutions, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect coverage. We collaborate with over 150 insurance companies to customize strategies that fit your needs. Our team, with a combined experience of over 60 years, has successfully assisted 6000+ clients with Medicare or retirement-related insurance needs.

Key Retirement Solutions: More Than Just an Insurance Provider

We pride ourselves on building enduring relationships with our clients. Our core values of accountability, service, integrity, compassion, and support shape our approach. We are more than just insurance providers—we’re your trusted partners in crafting a secure, worry-free retirement.

So, if you’ve been saying, “I’ve been meaning to get some,” or if your current coverage “stinks,” it’s time to explore better options. Remember, your health coverage should be as comprehensive as possible, extending beyond just Medicare.

Unlock Your Key to a Secure Retirement

Investing in dental, vision, and hearing insurance is a proactive step towards securing your retirement journey. It ensures that you’re financially prepared for health-related necessities that Medicare doesn’t cover.

At Key Retirement Solutions, we’re ready to help you navigate your way to a comprehensive health coverage plan. Your health and peace of mind are our priority. Contact us today, and let’s work together towards a future where you can smile brighter, see clearer, and hear better. Let us be your key to a secure retirement.

Final Expense Insurance: Fast Claims Process for Peace of Mind

Welcome to the world of secure retirements! At Key Retirement Solutions, we believe that every individual deserves a peaceful and worry-free retirement. This is why we advocate for proper insurance planning, and one insurance solution stands out when it comes to speed and simplicity in claims processing – Final Expense Insurance.

The Intricacies of Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Insurance, often referred to as burial or funeral insurance, is a policy designed to cover end-of-life expenses. Unlike other forms of life insurance, these policies come with lower face values, typically ranging from $5,000 to $25,000, making them both affordable and easy to obtain.

Yet, the standout feature of Final Expense Insurance isn’t just the lower premiums or the ease of purchase—it’s the speed and simplicity of its claims process.

Fast and Easy Claims Process: The Final Expense Advantage

Navigating the claims process of traditional life insurance policies can be time-consuming and intricate, requiring extensive documentation and, often, long waiting periods. On the contrary, Final Expense Insurance is renowned for its faster, smoother claims process.

At Key Retirement Solutions, we understand how crucial it is for families to have quick access to funds during challenging times. Final Expense Insurance offers just that, providing prompt payouts, often within days of claim submission. This expedited process helps alleviate the financial stress, allowing families to focus on what truly matters—supporting each other.

Final Expense Insurance vs. Traditional Life Insurance: A Comparison

While traditional life insurance is a crucial tool for income replacement and long-term financial planning, it may not be the best option when dealing with end-of-life expenses. This is where Final Expense Insurance comes in, with a claims process specifically designed to provide swift financial relief during emotionally challenging times.

With Final Expense Insurance, you’re not just purchasing a policy—you’re buying peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones, knowing that end-of-life expenses will be swiftly and efficiently covered.

Key Retirement Solutions: Your Partner in Retirement Planning

At Key Retirement Solutions, we are committed to providing you with personalized strategies and solutions that perfectly fit your needs. With over 60 years of experience and a robust network of over 150 insurance companies, we can guide you through choosing the right insurance policies, including Final Expense Insurance.

Remember, we are not just insurance providers. We are experts committed to ensuring a safe, secure, and joyful retirement for you. If you’re seeking fast, reliable financial relief for end-of-life expenses, consider Final Expense Insurance, and let Key Retirement Solutions be ‘Your Key to a Secure Retirement’.