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Hi, I’m Carrie Masure, and I’ve lived the grind that you're in right now.

For 20+ years, I’ve been in the trenches of the insurance world,
starting as an agent and moving up the ranks. I’ve seen the good, the tough, and everything in between at major firms like State Farm and Prudential.

I took my knack for spotting talent and built a recruiting business, connecting the best in the biz.

But then, I met Matt Ruddick, and that’s when the real game changer came into play.

I joined Key Retirement Solutions in August 2021, and let me tell
you, it was a move that redefined my career.

Now, I’m not just talking about climbing another step on the ladder. I’m talking about taking ownership. Here, your book of business is yours, and your success is driven by a team that’s got your back, for real.

Want to know what makes an agent or a manager thrive? I've got the insider scoop.

Looking for support that actually pushes you forward? You've got it with us.

Licensed across 9 states and armed with top-notch certifications, at KRS, I found my calling not only as a recruiter but also as an Investment Advisor.

Ready to flip the script on your insurance career? It’s time to stop just making a living and start making a legacy.

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Carrie Masure

Carrie Masure,
Recruiting Director | Key Retirement Solutions

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"Nothing impacted my personal wealth more than switching to KRS”

Carrie Masure

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