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Brad Raschke

Brad married his wife, Hailey, in March 2020. Their son, Declan Mac, was born in March 2021, and they currently live in Geneva, Illinois. A Texan by birth, Brad graduated from Howard Payne University with a BA in US History in December 2012. During his senior year, a 3-year “Ron Paul rabbit hole” eventually led him to the Infinite Banking Concept in 2015. In the middle of a budding career at a stockholding, IUL-focused insurance company, the truths of IBC and the potential of dividend-paying whole life convicted Brad. He left his job to pursue practicing IBC with his clients. After completing the NNI’s Practitioner program, James Neathery graciously took Brad under his wing and mentored him, just as Nelson Nash mentored James. Brad’s pursuit of truth, love of people, and faith in Christ inform his interactions and relationships with his clients. Relationships and education come first. Doing business together is a natural result of friendships.


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