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Angela Jurkovich KRS Insurance Specialist

Angela Jurkovich

Angela was born and raised in Washington state. She now divides her time between Washington and Arizona.

Angela is a seasoned Health Insurance Broker with a rich professional history, having served with industry giants like United Healthcare and Humana. In 2020, she took a significant career leap by embracing the role of an Independent Health Insurance Broker. Her primary motivation was to expand the horizons of plan options available to individuals and families, underlining her unwavering commitment to providing the best possible solutions. Angela’s mission is to be a steadfast beacon for her clients as they navigate the complex landscape of health plan decisions. Her core objective is to empower them to discover the most suitable plan tailored to their unique needs. Angela ensures that her guidance remains impartial and unswayed in the ever-evolving healthcare market, placing the client’s best interests at the forefront. Angela dedicates her expertise to assisting clients in both Washington and Arizona.

Beyond her professional pursuits, she has a passion for health and wellness and takes delight in activities like hiking, pickleball, working out and yoga. Above all, Angela finds immense joy in spending quality time with her family, especially her five grandchildren.


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